Dividend card

Dividend card - hand over

Dividend is a traditional way of giving members a share of the profits. As a Lincolnshire Co-op member you'll receive a dividend card to collect dividend points when using our stores and services. As a co-operative we give you dividend in proportion to your purchases so the more you spend, the more dividend you'll get in return.

The dividend scheme is flexible, it allows you to spend your points as you go along. Every time you use your dividend card the receipt will show your current balance in pounds and pence. You can then use this money to pay for goods straight away.

Dividend points are issued at a rate of 1%* in food stores, travel, for motor parts and service and florists. You will receive 5 points for every litre of fuel purchased in our filling stations.

Top up your balance

There are always lots of extra points offers in our food stores to boost your points total and also special offers in all areas of the business to help you top up your balance.

Members' bonus

The total amount of dividend paid out to members each year is based on how profitable we've been. We don't know this until the end of the year so we top up your dividend with a bonus. The amount of bonus is agreed at the annual members meetings in November and is paid out in December - a nice treat just in time for Christmas!

* You will receive 24 points for every £1 spent. 2400 points equals £1.

Members' helpdesks

Members' helpdesks can help you with any enquiries you have about your Lincolnshire Co-op dividend card or share account. Helpdesks are available at the following locations:


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