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We're an independent co-operative society trading in Lincolnshire and surrounding counties. As a co-op, we have values which set us apart from other types of business.

For a start, we're not owned by a few wealthy shareholders. In fact, we're owned by our members – local dividend card holders – and every penny of our profits is returned to them and their local communities.

Every member is a customer and has a vote in the elections for our Board of Directors. Members can also attend our yearly Annual Members' Meetings.

As a co-operative, we're committed to the ethical principles which are important to our members such as Fairtrade, sourcing products from our trading area and supporting the local community.

We’re proud to be a successful co-operative – our last full year of trading saw us record sales of £288m and profit of £18m. We were also able to pay our members £4.2m in dividend and dividend bonus.

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